Industrial Plastic Ball Valves. Our valve’s main specifications are

100% Virgin Plastic (PP / PVDF / PPH / FEP / PFA / PTFE)
Single Piece MS Ball: Single piece Ball and Spindle
Lining Valves
K-Type Ball Valve

1. New technology provides protection from twisting the ball and spindle because it is a single piece.
2. PTFE V – seal instead of Rubber o- rings. So, PTFE V-Seal will work for a longer time.
3. Leak-Proof for a longer time.
4. Maintenance-Free.
5. Less shutdown due to valve, so it is more productive.

More than 2-3 times of regular valves. It not only save your money but more importantly it saves tons of time by preventing your plant from shutting down.

Yes. We provide plastic valve (KSC Plastic Valve) made with 100% virgin material. We use plastic material of PP / PVDF / PPH / FEP / PFA / PTFE. We also provide Lining Valve. So you can select valve according to your requirements (as per chemical type and temprature)

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